Someone left the barn door open…

Nightmare From North Street


at Santa’s Village Azoosment Park

No barn dance, no hoedown….

But hi – ho, there is a Farmer in the HELL!

Step by step, rise up into the musty darkness of this old horse barn, but beware, because this sanctuary of evil, home to the Morbid Army is building in numbers and on the rise to take back what is rightfully their own.


The upper level of this authentic horse barn will be YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE. Hidden on the hillside in the back of the property, the barn was constructed in 1970 disturbing the land that sat in sacred solitude for millennia and has been actually haunted ever since. There have been many reports over the years of apparitional sightings of an old farmer and his young son, civil war soldiers, dancing orbs of light throughout the trees, and others too despicable and terrifying to even speak of.

The “Village” and surrounding countryside has a long standing history as a battleground between good and evil. But in 2006 with the temporary closing of the park, it was then that the Morbid Army boldly made their move to reclaim the land that they believed to be rightfully their own. As the park sat lifeless and empty, no echoes of laughter, overgrown with weeds, crumbling mushrooms and unprotected by Santa’s magic, the army of the Morbs invaded.

There are historical accounts of the Morbs actually lurking behind the scenes for many years, but now with the “Village” reopened, there are current eye witness reports from guests, sighting them scurrying about from building to building, peeking out from under the mushrooms, eating trash and scaring the animals. Some guests even report finding their pockets lined with candy or their shoelaces tied in knots, all recruitment tactics that the Army readily employs. So be forewarned- DO NOT TAKE CANDY from a member of the Morbid Army, they are highly dangerous and always looking for someone to recruit… like you.

Haunted Barn | East Dundee | Illinois